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Followed all promotional steps with purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Verizon. I wanted an S2, but they e-mailed me confirmation saying it was a Gear VR.

I tried to fix error on their part through e-mails and phone calls to no avail. I have not spoken to a single person. They are ripping me off! I got this phone and followed the promotion directions exactly as they requested.

They are now not fulfilling their part of the promotion.

I understand that promotions and rebates are a pain, but I have never had a company treat me so poorly. I feel like I am dealing with a scam from a third-world country.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "promotion not honored" of samsung galaxy s7 edge and associated monetary loss in the amount of $700. Prizelogic needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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Bessemer, Alabama, United States #1238691

I too have been scammed by Prizelogic with the Samsung, and AT&T promotion. I participated in the promotion to get DirecTV, and Samsung S7 Edge to the get the free Samsung TV.

After the TV was rec'd it was cracked and I have received no assistance or help with it at all. I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit because no one wants to reimburse me. I keep being passed between AT&T, Samsung and the third party who did the promotion. This has been going on since June 2016.

I am disguested and tired and would have never purchased a Samsung S7 edge had it not been for the promotion.

If you are interested in participating in the class action lawsuit. Please send your name and address and brief description of what happened to

Bessemer, Alabama, United States #1223415

I am in the same situation as most of you. I did the Samsung S7 Edge Promotion as well to get a Free TV.

Just like most my TV's screen was cracked all the way across as well. I have spoke with AT&T and Samsung and they are placing all blame on PrizeLogic. However, now when you call Prize Logic there is no answer. No matter what option you choose you never get a chance to speak with anyone.

I purchased the phone back in April and did the promotion then as well. I have been trying since June to get some type of resolution because I am stuck with a TV I can't use and I am just like you...I would not have purchased this phone if it had not been for the TV.

Marrero, Louisiana, United States #1197818

I am currently having a similar battle about a samsung/att promotion, where I was supposed to get a free tv. I've been waiting since April and it's not August!

I don't know if I'll ever get it, but I know this is the last Samsung Promotion I will ever do. At one point I had AT&T and Samsung on a conference call and Samsung got so angry and refused to talk to or listen to AT&T, all the while blaming them.

I'm so disgusted.

Bessemer, Alabama, United States #1180137

I am looking into doing a class action lawsuit now because I did a samsung promotion and got a TV that does not work-the screen is cracked all the way across the screen. It is not by fault of the shipper because there is nothing wrong with the box.

They are not damaged at all. I have contacted them several times with nothing but voicemails and not able to get a replacement. I have called Samsung directly and complained to them as well with no avail. They said the TV was not in their possession so there is nothing they can do because it was sold to Prize Logic.

I only purchased the phone because of the promotion. I feel like we are being dupped into buying samsung products but under false pretenses.

to Anonymous Bessemer, Alabama, United States #1223420

Please let me know if you are looking into a class action lawsuit. I am also in Bessemer, Alabama.

The exact same thing happened to me!!! Screen cracked and not able to use the TV

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #1227104

Please let me know if you are doing a class action lawsuit...our story is identical to yours...cracked tv and box was fine...Prizelogic is now telling us they ran out of tv's.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1179691

I had the same experience. They told me they would give me the VR, then changed their mind. What a joke of a company.


The same thing just happened to me too. I requested the watch with the Verizon representative when ordering the phone and now Prize Logic is saying that the code does not qualify.

Prize Logic blames it on Samsung for not putting my code on the list to accept the watch and Samsung only refers you back to Prize Logic for a solution, which they do not have.

I even tried to see if Verizon would help and they say it's a Samsung promotion and won't help either. I hope someone does start a class action lawsuit there would be a lot of people interested!


OMG. The same exact thing is happening to me.

However, they are saying it is the location code.

I tried to get help from Samsung but was told there was nothing that they can do. Which is a bunch of bull.


Prize logic doesn't fullfilled samsung promotions I bought 4 phones aND a tablet. I have only received 2 of the 5 rebates they owe me only got those by contacting bbb.

I will never buy a samsung product again. Hope someone starts a class action lawsuit.


Same here. Verizon rebate offers are becoming a scam in itself.

I had to fight tooth and nail last time for my rebate cash cards after purchasing iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5. Took me so much time writing emails, phones calls, and trip to their retail store just to get what I was promised during my purchase. I think these 3rd party companies do this intentionally to *** out people who are persistent and people who just gives up. They win with the latter.

I just purchased a new Galaxy S7 through

Samsung was offering Gear S2 watch or Gear VR with this purchase. I followed all instructions as before and submitted my gift registration on-line for S2 watch. Thereafter, nothing but trouble with Prizelogic. They first send me an email stating that my purchase receipt is incorrect.

Took me few calls and resubmission to clarify. Thereafter, they state my submission is approved but for VR Gear. At this point, I am getting pissed off like previous experience. I call again and automatically you have wait around 30 minutes (intentional wait-time by Prizelogic so people just hang up) and many emails to clarify.

I check the status update again and shows my shipment is fulfilled and on its way. I check again couple of days later because of missing tracking number, and the status is changed back to submission in review. At this point, I am just many emails and phones call follow but no replies or clear answers. Today, I receive an email stating they sent out VR Gear with FedEx tracking number.

This is a crock of ***. Where can I complain? Samsung, Verizon, or BBB? Will this change anything because I am sure I'm not the only one going through this hardship but many out there in same situation.

The problem I think are these giant corporate companies who pass these rebate offers to a third party companies to avoid their image risk by customer complaints.

They know the problems but continue to use these scam companies who just make everyone's life so much stressful.

I will not buy into any of these rebate scams any longer and will opt for immediate rebates like they have at Costco or at retail store purchase.

to Anonymous #1225958

I have had the same experience with this fraudulent rebate promotion process. I submitted all of my information on June 10th and was initially told the entire process would take 6-8 weeks to fufill the offer.

On several different occasions I checked on my progress several times to find my status changed from valid to invalid. Each time I called the rebate center to inquire I was told more info was needed. I had to constantly tell the rebate center reps that I had already provided the requested documents on at least 4 different occasion.

During my various calls, the timeline for receipt of my tv went from 4-6 weeks, 8-10 weeks, and then ultimately 10-12 weeks. On my call last week, I was given the phone number for "Samsung" at 844-384-1954, which was actually a third party company named Prizelogic.

I spoke with a Prizelogic representative, who told me I was given wrong information by Verizon. My tv which was supposed to be here on September 8, 2016 would not arrive as promised , and it would be 8-12 weeks from my approval date back in early July .

The rep went on to tell me that I should receive the tv in either October or November, which would be 5-6 months. This is totally unacceptable.

At this point, I am disgusted by both Samsung and Verizon Wireles, and I am ready to cancel all 6 lines, my Verizon Fios,and my Verizon landline. I have been a customer of VZW for 19 years, Verizon landline for 33 years, and Fios since it came to my town. Now I also do not want the Samsung J5200 series smart tv which is now very obsolete and has dropped in price from $1199-499. Samsung should upgrade all of us impacted to a comparable 4K smart tv.

This is whole program has been handled poorly by both parties. VZW seems to be washing their hands of the proces, and Samsung is throwing VZW under the bus. I have a house full of Samsung electronics. Both companies should be doing all they

can to make this right for their respective customers.

Update as of October 12, 2016 I have been in constant contact with Prizelogic whose various reps told me that my tv would arrive "NO LATER" than October 17, 2016.

I tried to follow up with them for 2 weeks unsuccessfully. Each time I called I would get a message stating " due to circumstances beyond their control the rep were unable to accept call". I finally reached someone this morning to get my tracking number. I spoke to a rude rep by the name of Bianca, who put me on hold for several minutes.

When she returned to the line, she told me the warehouse was out of stock and I would have to wait. When I asked how long, Bianca told me another 6-8 weeks which would give a minimum delivery date of mid to late December. I told her that was unfair and unacceptable and I would be contacting consumer affairs and the attorney general, she told since I threatened legal action, my call no longer be accepted and hung the phone. I think this whole process has been one big SCAM.

Considering the bad press Samsung has been getting over the note 7, they should be doing more and upgrading all of us to a comparable 4K instead of an outdated 1080p J5200 series television. This promotion has been a complete bust.

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